Court chamber doors

Andrew Lindsay, Mira Fassler-Kamstra et. al. - Court chamber doors, 2004

Andrew Lindsay, Mira Fassler-Kamstra (artists); Verna Jooste, Pravesh Manga, Jacob Ramaboya, Sam Thoko, Mark Zammit, Larry de Klerk (team)
Court chamber doors (2004)
Copper with brass nails / 3200 x 1000 mm
CCAC #0455

Commissioned as part of the construction of the court building

The court doors' patterns are inspired by Ghanaian kente cloth that was originally worn only in times of extreme importance, its use later becoming more widespread. Through its red sheen the door reflects the light of the rule of law in the highest court in the land.

Photograph by Ben Law-Viljoen

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