Ismail and Isaac 1

Anne Sassoon - Ishmael and Isaac: 1–4, 2001

Anne Sassoon (1943–)
Ishmael and Isaac: 1–4 (2001)
Ink and glue on draft paper, 1393 x 900 mm (x4)
CCAC# 0219-0222

Donated by Albie Sachs and Gill Polonsky in 2001

The artist depicts characters in a theatrical style, exploring duality and division. Her work is influenced by apartheid's politics of Othering. This work depicts the Bible's half-brothers Ishmael and Isaac; they also appear in the Koran but with their roles switched, signifying that no one truth or interpretation is absolute for everyone.

Photographs by Ben Law Viljoen © CCT

Ismail and Isaac 1

Ishmael and Isaac: 1

Ismail and Isaac 2

Ishmael and Isaac: 2

Ismail and Isaac 3

Ishmael and Isaac: 3

Ismail and Isaac 4

Ishmael and Isaac: 4

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