Photograph by Akona Kenqu2

Anton van Wouw – Die Beskuldigde (The Accused), 1907

Anton Van Wouw (1862–1945)
Die Beskuldigde (The Accused) (1907)
Bronze with a golden brown patina, on a wooden base; cast by the Massa foundry, Rome / 290 × 240 × 160 mm
CCAC #0314

Donated by Maurice McGregor

The Accused by Van Wouw depicts a testifying mine worker. There is no way of knowing the details of the trial or which side of the law the mine worker stood, but it is believed that the mine worker was tried in a language he could not understand. Despite his uneasy posture and the unfair circumstances in which he may have found himself, he stands dignified.

Photograph © CCAC

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