Photograph by Ben Law Viljoen Fruitsof Labour

Jan du Toit – The Fruits of Labour, 1997

Jan du Toit (1974)
The Fruits of Labour (1997)
Metal, wood and found objects / 1470 x 565 x 390 mm
CCAC #0068

Donated by Judith Mason and the artist

Jan du Toit was a student at the Foundation School of Art in Observatory where he completed this work The Fruits of Labour in 1997. He had grown up on a farm in Tulbagh in the Western Cape and wanted to find a way to represent the lives of farm workers in the area. The bowl on the top of the sculpture contains several objects that suggest the meagre rewards for a lifetime of labour on the wine and fruit farms in the Western Cape: six slices of bread, a plug of tobacco and a dop beker (representing the notorious dop system of payment in the form of alcohol to workers on wine farms).

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