Kim Lieberman Constellations 2008 etching postage stamp paper oil paint silk thread pencil 1100 x 730mm Constitutional Court Art Collection Photograph by Ben Law Viljoen

Kim Lieberman – Constellations, 2008

Kim Lieberman (1969-)
Constellations (2008)
Ink on stamp paper / 1100 x 730 mm
CCAC #0145

Donated by the artist

This work shows a "constellation" of people who may not have met but who have moved through the same place - the Constitutional Court. Constellations grew out of photographs taken at the Court of different people - judges, security guards, one of the court architects, the tea lady. Though some of these people may have more prominent positions in society than others, one can never fully measure the impact of a single, ordinary life. Eighteen blood-red figures are presented on postage-stamp paper that has an underlying grid of perforations, and by red silk thread reminiscent of the lines drawn between constellations of stars.

Photograph by Ben Law-Viljoen

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