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Albie Sachs remembers Andrew Verster's contributions to the CCAC

Justice Albie Sachs, former Constitutional Court judge who was integral to the establishment and early days of the CCAC, remembers the contributions of artist Andrew Verster to the CCAC in light of his passing.

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“Art and justice are usually represented as dwelling in different domains: art is said to relate to the human heart, justice to human intelligence. Rationality is sometimes seen as inimical to art, and passion as hostile to justice. Our collection shows how art and human rights overlap and reinforce each other”
– Former Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs

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“My hope is that this spirit of shared humanity, so clearly conveyed by the Court’s collection, will continue to inspire judges and ordinary people alike in our collective pursuit of justice”
– Former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Pius Langa

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“The collection affords the visitor, and all who work at the Court, a moving and delightful impression at every step and turn. Imbued with the spirit of emancipated humanity, it is the most vibrant collection I have seen in any courthouse in the world”

– US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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