Photo and video policy information

Last updated: November 2022

Personal filming and photography for personal purposes (that is, not for publication) are encouraged to enhance visitor enjoyment in the foyer and public gallery areas of the Constitutional Court. Both are generally allowed without special permission. Personal filming and photography must take place during normal public hours and use only hand‐carried equipment. No professional props or sets, actors or models, supplemental lighting, or specialised large motorised equipment can be used.

All personal photography, both still and video, is subject to the direction of security staff of the Constitutional Court and the curatorial staff of the Constitutional Court Trust. Any activity that interferes with the use, operation, or enjoyment of the site can be limited or prohibited by museum staff.

Professional filming and photography

Professional photography must generally be requested and approved well in advance.

No permit is required for the coverage of breaking news by print and broadcast news media. Breaking news is an event that cannot be covered at any other time or at any other location. Media staff covering breaking news may not disrupt visitors, damage resources, or compromise public health or safety regulations. Filming for other news media including magazines, editorials, features, live broadcasts not intended to cover breaking news, and delayed broadcast programs may require a permit as per the building and artwork guidelines below.

The building

Professional photography in and of the Constitutional Court building needs to be approved prior by the Constitutional Court's management, following consultation with the court's visitors committee, comprising Justices of the court's bench. Please send an email to the acting court manager, Ms Zoleka Sondlo, in this regard:

Photographs of the building’s exterior artworks, artworks in the foyer and exhibition gallery are subject to the artworks policy below.

The artworks

No artworks of the Constitutional Court Art Collection (CCAC) may be professionally photographed at close proximity or in such a way that the artwork fills the entire photo or video screen, nor may such capturing be published in any form, unless prior permission has been obtained. Artworks may be depicted as part of a background scene if they are not the primary focus point, provided approval was granted to professionally photograph the area where artworks are exhibited. In the case of full artwork reproduction, a reproduction request needs to be submitted in advance to the CCAC team, in order for a permission request to be submitted to the copyright holder. The reproduction request needs to be submitted at least three months in advance for processing; shorter processing times cannot be guaranteed, but may be accommodated on a case to case basis, as is feasible. Further details and conditions are included on the reproduction form that should be requested via email from

Constitution Hill

Professional photography of and on the Constitution Hill precinct, excluding the Constitutional Court, needs to be arranged with the Constitution Hill Development Company. Their details are and +27 (0)11 381 3100.