Artworks Committee

Last updated: 12 January 2021

The Artworks Committee decides on artwork donation proposals, and oversees the curation, conservation and other matters pertaining to the CCAC. The Committee is chaired by a judge of the Constitutional Court and includes another judge of the Court, also including four external experts who generously volunteer their time. The Justices ensure that the CCAC aligns with the Constitution and the work of the Court, whilst the external members bring visual arts expertise to the Committee.

Current Committee members:

  • Justice Sisi Khampepe (Chair)
  • Justice Nonkosi Mhlantla
  • Former Justice Edwin Cameron
  • Karel Nel
  • Carol Steinberg
  • Stacey Vorster
  • Melissa Goba
  • Catherine Kennedy (Constitutional Court Trust manager)

Assistant curators Francois Lion-Cachet and Thina Miya report and present to the Committee.

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The CCAC is owned, managed and cared for by the Constitutional Court Trust