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The Mission of the Foundation for Society, Law and Art in South Africa is to uphold the heritage of justice, human rights and reconciliation in South Africa by supporting and expanding the outreach efforts and body of artworks comprising the Constitutional Court Art Collection.


Founded in 2014, the Foundation for Society, Law and Art in South Africa was established to support the CCAC in a fundraising and advisory capacity. Its members consist of a group of former clerks, lawyers, business figures and enthusiasts passionate about art, reconciliation, justice and the rule of law.

The Foundation’s intent is to support, develop and expand the outreach of the Collection, while maintaining its rich history of promoting justice, human rights and reconciliation through artistic expression. This group will function as a US 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the goal of establishing an endowment to support the Collection. The organization will assume the main responsibility for fundraising on behalf of the CCAC.


The needs of the Collection include salaries for full-time, professional curatorial staff and assistants, as well as funding for educational programming for projects both in South Africa and internationally. To answer these needs, an endowment will be established to serve as a sustainable source of funding. Coupled with regular fundraising events, the endowment would satisfy the immediate needs of the Collection and support a long-term effort to provide greater engagement with the Collection.

Read more about the Foundation for Society, Law and Art in South Africa on their website here.

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The CCAC is owned, managed and cared for by the Constitutional Court Trust

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