Artwork reproduction requests

The Constitutional Court Trust (CCT), custodian of the Constitutional Court Art Collection (CCAC), may assist in getting approval for the reproduction of CCAC artworks. The right holder(s) is to be determined on a case-to-case basis.

  • A reproduction request needs to be submitted at least three months in advance for processing.
  • Personal information of artists or right holders will not be divulged unless so approved.
  • Licensing fees and royalties may or may not be payable, to be determined on a case-to-case basis.
  • Digital images will only be released if due approval has been granted and on receival of proof of payment, if applicable.
  • A mandatory caption crediting the artwork and its ownership, as supplied by the CCT, must accompany any use.
  • A mock-up/proof of how the artwork(s) is to be used should be submitted to the CCT for approval prior to publication.
  • If artworks from the CCAC are reproduced in an exhibition catalogue, research publication or multimedia product, a copy of the publication or product is to be provided to the CCT and the right holder(s) at no cost.
  • The reproducer assumes full legal responsibility for any infringement of copyright that may occur through reproduction and/or publication.
  • A reproduction request form needs to be completed for each artwork for which reproduction rights is sought.

Engagement with the CCAC and its individual works are encouraged and welcomed.

Please request a reproduction form by sending an email to

Imageedit 1 3615176332

The CCAC is owned, managed and cared for by the Constitutional Court Trust