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'Born-free'? Youth Day to Heritage Month exhibition at Constitution Hill

Come and see Richard 'Specs' Ndimande's solo exhibition Freedom and Responsibility at Number Four prison.

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“Art is a form of individual self-expression, where everyone can have a voice. As long as art is open and free of legislation, and as long as viewers can look at art without prejudice, I think there is a natural connection between art and human rights.”
– Anne Sassoon (CCAC artist)

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Conservation Advocacy

The CCAC curatorial team advocates for conservation by sharing information that allows artists to participate in the practice and creating a consciousness around the longevity of the materials used in their artworks.

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Read artist interviews

Artist interviews enrich the interpretation of artworks by gathering information about how, when and why and by whom works in the CCAC were made and collected.

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“People that come to the Constitutional Court meet art with an open mind to be influenced by it. The world is looking at us making a success of what we do here and how we deal with apartheid.”
– Stefan Blom (CCAC artist)

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New Artworks in the CCAC

The CCAC is growing thanks to the generosity of artists and donors.

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Second short 'Art & Justice' monograph published

This publication focuses on the CCAC's Hlabisa basketry collection.

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Watch our short documentary on the restoration of our Hlabisa baskets

Weaving Baskets from Stars (2020)

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Curatorial internship

Learn more about our curatorial internship programme

Here's what our previous graduate interns have to say about working on the CCAC.

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Selected works

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