Long Shadow (Eastern)

CCAC #: 0419b
Artwork title: Long Shadow (Eastern)
Installation type: Integrated artwork
Artwork type: Sculpture or object
Artist(s): Willem Boshoff
Artwork multipart work: Long Shadow
Year made: 2008
Medium: Flat polished granite slabs
Source: Commissioned by DPW and executed by Blue IQ
Year acquired: 2004
Location area: On public display

The shadows represent those who were endlessly and unfairly detained on this prison site

during apartheid. The shadows at the foot of the Constitutional Court’s entrance steps portray

four hopeful prisoners, a young person, a woman and two men standing where the Awaiting

Trial Block used to be; it was demolished to make space for the Court. Their slightly erect

bodies symbolise a flicker of hope of being freed from prison as their cases have not been

heard or finalised. To the far western side, at the foot of the steps leading to the Women’s

Jail, three remaining shadows stand with their bodies hunched over as their cases have left

them uncertain. One of the shadows has moved on, either to prison or, for the lucky few,

to freedom. Visitors may stand at the feet of the almost-forgotten prisoners, imagining that

the shadows are their own, to empathise with the torment of multitudes of people who

were kept endlessly and unfairly, and to remember the injustices of the past that, in part,

prohibited free movement and association. From the new open ground of Constitution Square,

we become one with those shadows that had fought for our freedom, and that constantly face

the Court in expectation of justice to be done.

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CCAC 434332

Photographer: Staff
Photo copyright: CCT