The Banyan Tree

CCAC #: 0053
Artwork title: The Banyan Tree
Artist(s): Monika Correa
Year made: c. 1984
Artwork type: Textile
Medium: Fibre
Dimensions (mm): 1800 x 2745
Source: Donated by Albie Sachs, purchased from artist
Year acquired: 2001
Installation type: Movable artwork
Location area: In storage

Monika, whose husband Charles Correa headed the architectural jury for the Constitutional Court building, was moved by the Court’s logo and the theme of “justice under a tree”. In India, the banyan tree is venerated and used in Hindu rituals, and is highly regarded in Buddhism as the Buddha sat under this tree after attaining enlightenment.

Themes: Justice under a tree

CCAC 437960

Photographer: Unrecorded
Photo copyright: Consult with CCT curatorial team

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