The Truth Tree

CCAC #: 0036
Artwork title: The Truth Tree
Organisation: Bethesda Arts Centre (now Bushman Heritage Museum)
Contributor(s): Sandra Sweers
Yvonne Jonkers
Millie Reed
Rose Jacobs
Margaret Swiers
Maggie Jacobs
Matilda Dikeni
Christelene Jacobs
Maria Tamana
Julia Malgas
Delia Swartz
Sophie Femela
Sophie Steenberg
Sanna Minnaar
Shirlene Davids
Jeni Couzyn
Year made: 2006
Artwork type: Textile
Medium: Applique
Dimensions (mm): 2180 x 1780
Source: Acquired from the Bethesda Arts Centre, with the support of Jeni Couzyn
Year acquired: 2007
Installation type: Movable artwork
Location area: On public display

Inspired by the idea of a tree of justice found at the Constitutional Court, fifteen women each made a leaf on which they told their own story of facing injustices in their homes and community in Nieu-Bethesda. The stories include issues of alcoholism, violence and upbringing. The larvae represent a mighty tree under attack at its roots.

Themes: Justice under a tree
Constitutional links: Freedom and security of the person (section 12)
Health care, food, water and social security rights (section 27)
Rights of Children (section 28 of the Constitution)
Education rights (section 29)

CCAC 438666

Photographer: Staff
Photo copyright: CCT

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